Nutrition and Hydration

What you put into and on your body is the single most powerful way to create change. In order for you body to function optimally you need proper amounts of water, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Everyone human is different and we need the nutrients that we put in our mouth to provide energy for us. If we under-eat then we reduce the amount of nutrients in our body. We will help you understand how to make sure you get enough energy and nutrients from your food.


Our bodies are made to move. It’s how we survive and also how we thrive. We start with where you are and work to increase our movement and decrease the amount of strain to your system overall. Together we create a system that integrates breathing, moving in ways that you enjoy, and increasing your bodies overall awareness, so when its asking you to move more, you will know it.


Managing good and bad stress

Stress is stress. How our bodies deal with it is the important part. Everything we do creates stress and then our body has to manage it. If this management system is over-taxed constantly then it starts to breakdown. If it’s been broken down for a while then you may need to repair it before adding more stress. We can guide you to begin listening to your body and finding balance.


If you could take the magic pill that gives you extra energy, faster repairs, and the ability to handle more stress— would you take it? Well lucky for you all you need to do is sleep better and more often. Most people sleep less and do more at half capacity. I don’t know about you, but I would like to do everything I do with 100% of my best effort. I want my family, friends, and my passion to get 100% of me. Do you want help being able to give 100% of you to the ones you love?