Let's work together.

With personalized plans and two committment options to choose from, membership with Root Cause puts you in control of your health. Were you referred to us by a partner? Contact us to join Root Cause, as your plan will be customized according to your existing treatment recommendations.


Root Cause Membership: the plan

Our coaches help you get results with top-notch nutrition coaching, proven stress-management techniques, effective ways to improve sleep, a movement plan you'll actually want to do and recipe ideas and inspiration. Here's what our plans include:

  • 6 months of care

  • In-depth assessment including nutrition, sleep, stress, movement, health history, and 3-day food log

  • 6 part Root Cause health program

  • 90 minute initial- 1:1 strategy session

  • 11- 1:1 coaching follow up sessions

  • State-of-the-art tools and techniques for nutrition, sleep, stress, movement, and life management for building a healthy life that you control

  • HIPPA compliant online health portal helps keep you on track

  • Direct messaging access and tele-health video calls keep you in touch with your coach no matter where you are at

  • Printable visit notes for doctor visits

  • Community support and events in Columbus

  • City guides with the best healthy events, services and products


6 month Complete lifestyle coaching commitment

Dive into your health and wellbeing! In this six-month program, we'll establish a new baseline for your gut health with an enhanced understanding of which foods work best for your body. Together, we'll identify lifestyle factors that could be affecting your vitality and support you with proven coaching methods and state-of-the-art tools that put you in charge. Coaching follow-ups are 30 minutes so we can make adjustments for continued progress over your time. We will spend over 6 hours helping you organize your life to fit you!

2 month Gut reboot

We take you through an in-depth evaluation of how your gut feels and how unusual symptoms like brain fog, trouble sleeping, acne, lack of sex drive and tons of other unlikely symptoms are probably just poor gut health. This is included in the 6 month program but if you are unsure of committing to 6 months this could be a good way to start.