How are you(Root Cause) different???

How are you(Root Cause) different???

When we start initial talks with clients their first questions usually revolve around “what do you do differently?” This question comes from the unfortunate scenario most of our potential clients are in. They have had 4 doctors, 3 nutritionists, 10,000 tests, and either nothing has improved or they don’t feel satisfied with their new status quo. They typically hear over and over again that you are just fine and this is part of getting older. Tired, mood swings, unmotivated, gaining weight, and no longer confident that they know who they are anymore. You might be feeling that way or even just one of those symptoms might be affecting you. Let me tell you now that it is NOT ok to feel like that. You should feel happy, healthy, and vibrant into your 70’s and 80’s.

Let me answer that question for you. We are not better than doctors, nutritionists, and all of those tests that have been run to figure out why you don’t feel well. We are different because we help you take a larger look at your overall health and help you see the things right in-front of you. Kind of like when you are looking all over your house for your phone that is in your hand. We use lifestyle factors like food, water, sleep, stress, movement, and education to get to the root of your problems. Most of our clients are dehydrated, under-eating good nutrients, sleep-deprived, and not moving their body regularly enough. These lifestyle factors need to be addressed to create an optimal environment within your body.

Lets think about it in another field, one that is more common in our world. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a financial advisor. A good financial advisor will help you see all of the options that you may not have been aware of, they educate you on the best options, and guide you towards making decisions to improve your financial wellness. It’s teamwork and making educated decisions with a trustworthy advisor. They build a good financial foundation and then slowly make more aggressive decisions later.

Enter your health advisor. We take in all of the info, get to know you as a person, then make suggestions to advance your current health. We educate you on the potential gaps in your health, how we can fill those gaps, and then look into the advanced techniques to really optimize your health. Humans can heal themselves when given the right combination of food, water, sleep, movement, and stress. Remove a few of those factors and its like trying to fill a bucket with water when you have a small hole in the bottom of the bucket. When doctors take a look at you, they don’t typically have the time or the skill set to look at these factors. They are trying to make sure nothing catastrophic is about to happen(which is very important) but sometimes we just need to plug the leaks and allow the body time to heal. We want to compliment good doctors so we can cover the human component while they work on the advanced testing to make sure together we can optimize your health and not just barely survive.

You should be thriving, you deserve to have energy, you deserve to feel confident for the entirety of your life, you should feel ready to give 100% of yourself to your loved ones. We want you to live better, thats why we created the Better Care Blog. Keep tabs on us so we can provide you with simple action steps in future posts. Thank you!